Partial arts present and future

The Ultimate Fighting Championship offers the best mixed partial arts action in the world with most of the top fighters in the sport wanting to show off their skills in The Octagon. With the UFC 154 concluded not one week ago and with more than a month until UFC 155, it is time to look at the highlights of the sport and see which fighters stand out, what names are coming back and what is the most talked about match-up.

Georges St. Pierre Vs. Carlos Condit at UFC 154
Last week, fans of the sport got to see two welterweight champions going up against each other for the undisputed UFC Welterweight Championship title. Georges St. Pierre made his first appearance after 19 months of being out of the competition due to knee surgery. This was the first match for Carlos Condit since he won the UFC Welterweight Interim Championship in February against Nick Diaz. Both fighters were ready and it was certainly a main event to follow and that is what people did; it had the highest attendance of the year in the wayback machine rocky and bullwinkle

The champion was in full strength but Condit certainly gave him the most difficult match he had in quite some while and it took the full five rounds in order to determine the winner. By unanimous decision, GSP won the match with 49-46, 50-45 and 50-45.

By the end of the fight, GSP was bleeding pretty badly and Condit certainly gave him something to remember although the spectacular head kick in the third might have scrambled his thoughts a little. However, the champion recovered and he pretty much dominated from the first bell to the last one. There were some clear signs that GSP wasn’t really as sharp as he used to be before his surgery and he got tired a bit faster than he used to but his performance was really amazing to watch; especially if we consider the skilled fighter that was in the ring with him.

Anderson Silva against Georges St. Pierre – the ultimate fight
What people got to see in UFC 154 is that Georges St. Pierre is almost back to his top performance and this begs a pretty exciting idea; Silva Vs. GSP. The time looks ideal right now and it would probably be the best fight of the year with two competitors that match each other pound for pound.

Having the best two fighters in the ring is what everybody is now talking about since this time can go by very fast. Sadly, it rarely happens that the fighters who are best suited to fight actually get the chance to do it at the right time.

Silva is at his prime performance right now after having 10 consecutive title defenses, all successful, which is a new record by twice the amount of the old one. However, GSP is not far behind with seven consecutive successful defenses despite being away for the last 19 months. The fight between the two will most likely shatter every attendance numbers recently recorded.