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Anderson Silva against Georges St. Pierre – the ultimate fight
What people got to see in UFC 154 is that Georges St. Pierre is almost back to his top performance and this begs a pretty exciting idea; Silva Vs. GSP. The time looks ideal right now and it would probably be the best fight of the year with two competitors that match each other pound for pound. And you can see more at  phantom of the opera nyc discount tickets

Having the best two fighters in the ring is what everybody is now talking about since this time can go by very fast. Sadly, it rarely happens that the fighters who are best suited to fight actually get the chance to do it at the right time.

Silva is at his prime performance right now after having 10 consecutive title defenses, all successful, which is a new record by twice the amount of the old one. However, GSP is not far behind with seven consecutive successful defenses despite being away for the last 19 months. The fight between the two will most likely shatter every attendance numbers recently recorded.

UFC 155

UFC 155 will take place on December 29, 2012 with Dos Santos vs. Velasquez II being the main event. Be sure to place your bets at this online sportsbook where you are guaranteed the best odds in the business.

Amongst the fights that fans will get tickets to book of mormon to see on that Saturday night, there will be Todd Duffee against Phil De Fries as recently confirmed by the Las Vegas Sun. Duffee made his debut at UFC 102 by knocking out Tim Hague in a spectacular fashion which instantly made him a fighter to follow. However, he didn’t stick around the scene for long and simply vanished after getting knocked out at UFC 114 by Mike Russow. After more than two years since he left the UFC and with just two fights out of it, Duffee is now coming back to try to make a second first impression in late December.

It is expected to be a pretty easy match for Duffee since De Fries doesn’t have a lot of striking power compared to his wrestler strength. It isn’t a sure thing however, he has been missing for a while now and there is no telling what the outcome is going to be but online sportsbooks will most likely have Duffee as the favorite for his return fight.